Bumbling Biden's Gaggle of Clowns!

Tired of these Clowns yet?

We sure as hell are! These morons have been doing their best to destroy the USA and now they are coming after crypto. The time has come for all freedom loving people to fight back!

Gaggle of Clowns Token

Introducing GOC Token

Buy GOC Token – Earn rewards – Raise money to help us remove these idiots from office and replace them with crypto friendly, freedom loving candidates!

Contract: 0xc30c04c56c586319bb0de2bf962ab5f1fcfd77f4



Total tokens – in honor of the 47th President of the USA that will replace this dimwit.

90% Liquidity

90% of Tokens are deployed into the initial Uniswap-V2 Locked liquidity pool.

10% Reserved

10% of Tokens are reserved for future liquidity pools, marketing and future developments. Tokens sent to reserve wallet shown below.

5% Buy and Sell Tax

  • 30% to Rewards Pool
  • 30% Anti-Clown Campaign
  • 20% Marketing
  • 10% Auto Burn
  • 10% Auto Liquidity

Road Map

Phase 1

  • Launch Clown Token
  • CG / CMC Listings
  • Begin Rewards Program
  • Trend on Twitter
  • Build Awesome community of freedom fighters!

Phase 2

  • Best Gaggle of Clowns meme contests with great rewards
  • Build huge Twitter and Telegram Communities
  • Bumbling Biden Twitter Bot
  • CEX Listings

Phase 3

  • Begin Anti-Clown Campaign
  • Bumbling Biden / Gaggle of Clowns merch store
  • Anti-Clown Ai to drive the clowns crazy
  • T1 CEX Listings

A bit about the project

Bumbling Biden and his Gaggle of Clowns is a political meme / community project that rewards its active community members and seeks to raise awareness of the destructive, anti-freedom and anti-crypto nature of certain public figures.

Unlike Bumbling Biden and his real life Gaggle of Clowns, the GOC project prefers deflation rather than inflation. There is a 5% tax on every transaction which is divided between token burns, token liquidity adds, community rewards, the Anti-clown campaign, and marketing. 

The Anti-clown campaign fund will allow the project to purchase billboards, ad space, and fund grassroots campaigns against the Gaggle of Clowns and anyone else who seeks to limit the individual freedoms of crypto users and all the free citizens of the world.

The GOC token will be used for purchases within the project (merchandise, event tickets, etc.) and a portion of every purchase will be burned to enhance the deflationary aspects of GOC token.

The total supply started at 47,000,000,000 tokens and is slowly going down with .5% of each transaction burned forever. * updated below * There is currently a max transaction and wallet limitation of 1,500,000,000 tokens. This max wallet/transaction limitation will be lifted when a fair token distribution is reached. Once the max token/transaction limitation is removed, the contract ownership will be renounced. *** Update *** the max wallet/transaction limitation has been lifted and the contract ownership has been renounced!

Follow us on Twitter and Join our Telegram to learn more and become a part of the community to earn awesome rewards! We hope you will join us in our crusade to have fun while fighting for financial freedom!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GaggleOfClowns

Telegram: https://t.me/GaggleOfClowns

Dextools: https://www.dextools.io/app/en/ether/pair-explorer/0x7f925648699d486cc121ae49d5570ea0acbed84a

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@GaggleOfClowns

Instagram: https://instagram.com/gaggleofclowns?igshid=ZDc4ODBmNjlmNQ==

Reserve wallet address, all transactions are trackable and documented:


Disclaimer: This is a community project powered by $GOC Token. This community token is purely for entertainment purposes and is not to be seen as an investment or financial instrument.